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I dunno about you, but I’m definitely calling the dude “Urubuchi the Mad Mastermind!” (a name that must be stated while cackling and in the deepest voice one can muster)

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  • 10 Steps for Making a Hit Anime:
    Strange, I always saw it as: 1. Throw in entire chapters of biblical symbolism. 2. Make male lead cry at-least once per episode. 3. Giant robots. 4. Add One spunky girl and one mysterious waif to fawn over protagonist. 5. More plot twists equals superior plot! 6. Have at least one betrayal to keep the emo nice and frothy. 7. Make protagonist an accidental pervert through contrived school scene. 8. Big dumb ending with a voice in the credits explaining the plot. 9. ??? 10. Best anime ever!

  • Men’s Fav Female Parts: “Boob-Lovers are Infantile Morons!”:
    Clearly the people who wrote this have absolutely NO knowledge of psychology. I have barely any knowledge in the subject, and even I know where fetishes come from. A fetish is generated by the first ever sexual experience you have. In my case, I looked at drawn-porn and hentai ads actively first, so I have a 2d fetish. The logic touted in this article makes the case that, since they share the same fetish, they must therefore have similar personalities. This completely looks over such things as …

  • Kiddy Event “Ruined by Creepy Lolicon Otaku”:
    1. This could easily be fixed by making an Lolicon and Children’s section, meaning that EVERYONE can enjoy the show without disturbing/tempting the other. 2. Is it any better than people who spend their entire paychecks on sports memorabilia? I don’t get why people live every day of their life following sports, celebrities, and for the most part politics, but people do it anyway! 3. The most influential human only effected a number of species on a single floating rock in the vast ocean of empty …

  • Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Ends:
    Im in despair, the coming notable end of my age of manga has left me in despair! (And feeling WAAAY too old)

  • Prof: “Men Without Girlfriends Are Sick Because of Games!”:
    … Somebody REALLY needs to give this generation a god damned dictionary. The word they are looking for isn’t “sick” it’s “Different”. I’m SO tired of hearing “they’re sick” when actually what they should be saying is “They’re different”. If a child is excessively hyper, they’re a little different, not sick. If one is bad at learning, then they’re probably just have a different personality that the non-existing perfect kid up the block with straight A’s. If a guy has video gaming hobby at the …


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