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Late Night Anime “Inexcusable Even Late At Night”


Anime fans have leapt to the defence of late night anime after Japan’s top TV watchdog published yet another complaint about the fact stations are allowed to broadcast such depraved shows, even in the middle of the night.

The latest complaint to be published by the BPO, Japan’s main broadcast watchdog:

I was shocked to see so many inappropriate depictions of sex in late night anime programmes, after seeing some by chance.

Is it OK to broadcast this material on terrestrial TV, where anyone can see it? I felt very sick after viewing it.

I knew that late night TV often broadcast such extreme material, but such extreme scenes are surely inexcusable.

The TV stations are altogether lacking in moral and ethical integrity.

Unsurprisingly, most of the other complaints the organisation published appear to relate to the endless stream of food and celebrity-obsessed variety programmes Japanese TV consists of.

Far from being the domain of outraged old women, it seems filing complaints about TV is in Japan now a pastime chiefly enjoyed by middle-aged men – 72% of the latest crop of complaints were filed by men, and 33% of them were in their thirties, with another 25% in their forties.

The reaction from anime fans angry by yet another indiscriminate attack on their beloved shows is predictably acerbic:

“What part of ‘late night’ anime does this idiot not get?”

“If any children are watching TV at that time, the problem is with the parents.”

“It’s called ‘late night’ for a reason.”

“I’ve never even seen indecent late night anime. For some reason mysterious mists and flashes of light always save me from seeing anything bad.”

“If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”

“Presumably this was about Highschool DxD and Amagami.”


“The tooth brushing scene was the month before though…”

“There is hardly any ero-anime this season in any case.”

“They used to show actual AVs late at night. People have gotten way too puritanical.”

“It used to be they would show nipples and whatever else freely at golden time without a second thought. Now all these women going on about it being inappropriate or a bad influence on their kids have driven all that off the air. Basically, now all you can safely broadcast is stuff for women.”

“Another leftover hag looking to put the pressure on 2D with some bashing.”

“Ero-anime is really damaging to the reputation of anime. It shouldn’t be broadcast on TV, leave it to the otaku to buy on BD.”

“They only reason they broadcast it in censored form is to get people to buy those BDs…”

“9 times out of 10 these complaints are going to be by anime otaku who are haters of a particular show. The enemy is within.”

“Well, no normal person would bother writing one of these complaints!”

“Are flashes of light really that inappropriate?”

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