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Someone hasn’t noticed that “i” and “o” are next to each other on the keyboard…

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  • Osaka Will “Deal With” 200 Tattooed Employees:
    @02:46 Yeah, guy. And it’s EXACTLY that ancient Jap tradition of TATOOS that the fucking JAP GOVERNMENT IS CLAMPING DOWN ON. Wagata? Who—TRADITIONALLY—has covered 95% of their bodies in TATOOS?? It ain’t Westerners. Best we can manage is 40%. IT’S THE FUCKING JAP-YAKUZA-FUCKS. Okay? The Jap Government is declaring war on YAKUZA BODY-ART. If you can’t see that then you’re mentally challenged.

  • Osaka Will “Deal With” 200 Tattooed Employees:
    Don’t know what progressive western ideals you’re talking about. Tattoos have always been part of Japan’s history. Tattoos are an ancient part of world history, even.

  • Osaka Will “Deal With” 200 Tattooed Employees:
    And by “deal with” he means fire. Or rather force to resign since they don’t actually fire people.

  • Osaka Will “Deal With” 200 Tattooed Employees:
    Intelligence and the empathy to understand should not shame a people into not deciding for themselves. Respect japan’s choice to take control of their own country. Placing too much emotion into another people’s affairs is a form of endearment and seeks to give guilt to innocent people.

  • Osaka Will “Deal With” 200 Tattooed Employees:
    Retards? Let the japanese continue their tattoo stigma, instead of bowing to all these “progressive” western ideals.

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  • Emilia Cosplay Shining With Purity:
    lol holy

  • Highschool DxD Born English Dub Unveiled:
    Wow that music track was garbage.

  • Highschool DxD Born English Dub Unveiled:
    The west doesn’t need any dubs. If they’re not willing to watch the thing as it was originally conceived, then they shouldn’t watch it at all.

  • Mahou Shoujo? Naria Girls “Animated in Real-Time!”:
    My immediate reaction was that this must be the work of the director of Tesagurebu, and indeed it is, as no one else would ever do this type of craziness. Ishidate Koutarou specializes in live performances by voice actors which are then given an anime-shaded 3D animation, to various degrees of success.

  • Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization A Real Grind:
    graphics are expensive. the reason japanese games look like shit is because they devs dont see beyond their home market and their home market is too small to support modern standards. games like final fantasy can afford to push boundries because they are a global minded product and is intended for worldwide consumption. sword art online on the otherhand doesnt interest anyone outside of japan besides a specific set of anime fans.


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