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Oh priorities.

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  • Osaka Will “Deal With” 200 Tattooed Employees:
    @02:46 Yeah, guy. And it’s EXACTLY that ancient Jap tradition of TATOOS that the fucking JAP GOVERNMENT IS CLAMPING DOWN ON. Wagata? Who—TRADITIONALLY—has covered 95% of their bodies in TATOOS?? It ain’t Westerners. Best we can manage is 40%. IT’S THE FUCKING JAP-YAKUZA-FUCKS. Okay? The Jap Government is declaring war on YAKUZA BODY-ART. If you can’t see that then you’re mentally challenged.

  • Osaka Will “Deal With” 200 Tattooed Employees:
    Don’t know what progressive western ideals you’re talking about. Tattoos have always been part of Japan’s history. Tattoos are an ancient part of world history, even.

  • Osaka Will “Deal With” 200 Tattooed Employees:
    And by “deal with” he means fire. Or rather force to resign since they don’t actually fire people.

  • Osaka Will “Deal With” 200 Tattooed Employees:
    Intelligence and the empathy to understand should not shame a people into not deciding for themselves. Respect japan’s choice to take control of their own country. Placing too much emotion into another people’s affairs is a form of endearment and seeks to give guilt to innocent people.

  • Osaka Will “Deal With” 200 Tattooed Employees:
    Retards? Let the japanese continue their tattoo stigma, instead of bowing to all these “progressive” western ideals.

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