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To be honest. The Chinese government at least cares for Chinese interests. You can’t deny that. Western governments -especially european- sell their own people out.

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  • Aso Sorry for “Learn From Nazi Germany” Remarks:
    The USA would never accept a constitution which forces itself to be a ‘pacifistic country’. it’s just the usual imperialistic bullshit. And let’s not start about your ‘freedumbs’. Americans have shown their colours many times. Prism and the NSA leaks are just one more point in your ‘freedumbs’ list.

  • Aso Sorry for “Learn From Nazi Germany” Remarks:
    Simply: Fuck you. The Japanese constitution has been basically written by America, after WWII. That’s why it includes stuff like “not being allowed to have military forces”. The Japanese used a bunch of legal tricks to avoid problems until now. It was basically meant to tie them after the war.

  • Crazed Seiyuu Otaku in Neptunia Rampage: “Bring Me Rie!”:
    Yeah… let’s pretend that there are no mentally sick people around us. And let’s just assume that everyone who does anything can be accounted 100% responsible for his actions.

  • Square Enix “Will Focus On Social Gaming”:
    Except that Atlus is so popular that they even pushed PSP sales with Persona. While Sleeping Dogs created losses.

  • Square Enix “Will Focus On Social Gaming”:
    Choosing a niche instead of the competetive global video game market. Well I can kind of understand the decision. With Sleeping dogs and Tomb Raider creating losses for them, Square-Enix must think it’s not profitable right now to publish costly games. And this console generation is at the end of it’s life cycle. The social games bubble often features exploitive models for low cost on the other hand. This bubble will burst at some point though. After all those shitty years, we should be happy …


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