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wait a minute, isn’t the cat an indoor cat? How did it get pregnant in the first place?

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  • Shoko-tan Exposes Nipples on Blog:
    But that isn’t a little pussy – mai god the cats head is bigger than her mouth! Obviously she (the cat) trusts her owner, if it didn’t it would of scratched and pawed to get free. So what next, is she gonna try and stuff that cat into her own pussy?

  • Shoko-tan Exposes Nipples on Blog:
    dawwww – wut a cute kitteh! I wuv the bunny hat ears!

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    omg how does they stands up? is it alien antigravity sciences?

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    This is because of radicalized conservatives from other countries like the USA for example imposing their uptight values onto others by censoring everything just because they just happen to be snooping on the affairs of others – just like modern day Nazi Gestapo! said the little black creepy neko…

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    Well if you want an honest opinion, the head looks like it was removed from a different figure, and added to a pile of other “elements” just to make a pile of plastic. I would not buy this. I might hurl it out a window while tearing down the autobahn.

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    Actually all of these examples look a lot like the typical redneck honkies you can find in just about any of the big cities in the USA today.

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    AIIIEEEE !!! Jail BAit!! wailed the creepy little black neko, with the cigarette breath


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