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what a bland pose!

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  • Official: “Mio Sleeps No Bra”:
    what? of course she does. women rarely sleep with their bras on, it’s uncomfortable.

  • Top 10 Best Games, According to Japanese – Halo Top:
    what? no it isn’t. disgaea + other japanese games are on the list.

  • Neptunia: “Disturbingly Sexualized Young Girls” “30%”:
    @20:27: no, lolicon isn’t pedophilia, but most americans would think it is due to not being exposed to it. and i know that since we are used to anime and stuff we don’t see the girls on the cover and think they’re underage, but to most people they do look underaged. big eyes, big head, small body= childlike. and, yes, dog-fucking is repulsive to most, but so are sexualized underaged girls, which, as i stated before, most americans would see these as. and they ARE sexualized — just look at them …

  • Finally A Contract You Can Afford – The $5 QB Itasha:

  • Neptunia: “Disturbingly Sexualized Young Girls” “30%”:
    of course it isn’t playing a video game. why would it be playing a video game? pedophilia is finding prepubescent children sexually appealing. this game is full of young girls you’re supposed to be finding sexy. if you aren’t into that kind of thing, like most americans aren’t, you aren’t going to find it appealing and therefore won’t enjoy the game. it’d be like if they released a game about dog-fucking to the general public. it might appeal to some people but it doesn’t appeal to most, so if …


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