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Fuck you dolphin! And fuck you whale!!!! Priceless

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  • Mothers Sold Kids Online: “My Husband Isn’t Paid Enough!”:
    I always love reading a statement that calls out ignorance, then closes said statement with something equally ignorant. While I completely agree that annon 21:10 is assuming all countries in europe must be have the same systems, culture and problems, and that is an ignorant assumption, I must say your follow-up question of “Are you by any chance American” is an equally ignorant assumption. I have seen stupid, racist, ignorant comments on here from multiple countries. Don’t get me wrong, there …

  • Hollywood Bleach Movie Confirmed – “It Deserves This…”:
    @ annon 08:46 – I hope you are being sarcastic… or do I have to remind your of such live-action japanese “gems” as devilman, gantz, and casshern (visually AMAZING but wtf the story barely touched it’s own source material). What we need is some bored rich otaku (do they exist…?) to bankroll an independent adaptation lol

  • Man “Committed Suicide by Cutting Off Penis”:
    What do you mean low crime rate? What about the scores of men talking to schoolgirls? If anything the police are severely overworked…. ….I couldn’t even TYPE that with a straight face. it’s that stupid lol

  • Police Hunt Man For Telling Girl “Your Pantsu Are Showing”:
    I have to agree…since I was like 10 Japan was the one place I HAD to visit without fail…now I’m not really sure I wanna go with the way things are. Seriously, if the few people I know that have been to Japan before went back now and acted like they did on their first trip, they would be in jail for sure. From Ishihara to ridiculous Police arrests to Schoolgirl prostitutes that can literally say “he didn’t pay me arrest him” and get away with no punishment herself, free to do it all over …


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