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I want to see the video…

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  • Crushed Girl Dies – “Farewell, There Are No Cars In Heaven”:
    it’s incredible look how many chinese people walk throught the street,and wont do anything to help her. I KNOW IF you watch somebody in trouble( in this case) is necessary to help it.

  • “Ika Musume Invaded My Room!”:
    damm I want everything or know the guy to ask how is the price of that and which place of akihabara buyed everything IKA~MUSUME.. 可愛いいい

  • Ika Musume Enemy of Dogs:
    well i have a question for all ika musume fans..( i liked ika musume too) How can I understand でげそ and イカ in a final sentence? for example :私は大学へいくでげそ (in case of degeso) たこ焼を食べなイカ (in case of “ika” sentence) IF somebody can explain me that, I’ll be gracefull. there’s no doubt ika musume is cute.. don’t you know boys and girls?? XD XD greetings…

  • Cute 13-Year-Old Dancing Schoolgirl vs Mother:
    可愛い子ですね。。nice girl..I would like how finish her dance XD.. I can’t believe she get that ass XD..


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