Comment on One Piece Fans “Now Mostly Middle-Aged” by Anonymous:

“most of the adult readership is at or past middle-age”

“1-12 – 3.0%
13-18 – 10.5%
19-29 – 37.4%
30-49 – 36.9%
50+ – 12.2%”

“and a majority of those are past 30”

Ok then. Say middle age = 30+

3 + 10.5 + 37.4 = 50.9
36.9 + 12.2 = 49.1

According to the math the majority of the readership isn’t at or past middle age. This artical is confusing.

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  • Hajimete no Gal Far From Innocent:
    Is the doubt, you are of those who think that it is an Alpha M or a total yuritard?!

  • Kudo Wafter Crowdfunding “Almost $200,000 in A Day!”:
    FUCK YOU BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

  • Hajimete no Gal Far From Innocent:
    Umm, there are uncensored rips too.

  • Seiyuu Otaku Busted for Uesaka Sumire 2ch Threats:
    Just a troll who don’t even anime, manga, hentai, doujin, Jgame, etc, making shat up and talking BS. The same shats who perpetuate the anime = hentai = tentical raep = pedo propaganda to the mainstream in the West, so open fans regardless of actual contribution and success in society, will still remain stigamitized. All a tactic to intimidated and remain relevant, same reason with all those shat live actions from a declining industry. Video killed the radio star, and VR/Video game killed the …

  • Hajimete no Gal Far From Innocent:
    Can’t see why people would like this show without being beta virgin losers in the first place. Side characters are worthless as hell and the MC is pathetic. But hey I guess that’s what people connect with nowadays.


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