Comment on One Piece Fans “Now Mostly Middle-Aged” by Anonymous:

“most of the adult readership is at or past middle-age”

“1-12 – 3.0%
13-18 – 10.5%
19-29 – 37.4%
30-49 – 36.9%
50+ – 12.2%”

“and a majority of those are past 30″

Ok then. Say middle age = 30+

3 + 10.5 + 37.4 = 50.9
36.9 + 12.2 = 49.1

According to the math the majority of the readership isn’t at or past middle age. This artical is confusing.

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  • Free! Total Tear-Jerker:
    there are less fujoshi that rant about how much they hate k-on than male otaku, you know. All the massive hate I see for K-on comes from men. Fujoshi seem to be a lot better at just ignoring stuff they dont care about. -a fujoshi who loves k-on

  • Free! Total Tear-Jerker:
    hey 2001 called, it wants its shitty unfunny meme back. It wasnt even true then.

  • Love Stage Excessively Dramatic:
    the popularity of F/Z Rider amongst female otaku says otherwise. Then again, Rider is actually a good character, too. These kind of ‘girly men’ are also usually better characters than the shitty male MCs that harem usually have, too.

  • Love Stage Excessively Dramatic:
    To his credit, he apologized massively, and this is one of the few/only times I’ve seen this kind of assault s hown as a negative thing that has to be apologized for in anime. I’ve heard from people who’ve read the manga that he doesnt do anything like that again.

  • Rail Wars! Nopan Security Service:
    If only more ero-anime could be this well animated.


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