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CREEPERS! Snake vs Deadpool! QB tries for another contract and gets BOOT TO THE HEAD! Sweet!

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  • Chinese Packaging “Sheer Genius”:
    over-regulation drives up costs by running up the taxes that pay the wages of the regulators. This leads to more cheating in an effort to shore up shrinking profits. At some point it becomes cheaper to bribe the regulator. Most Americans are smart enough to realize that corn flakes and potato chips are sold by weight, not volume, and don’t pitch a fit when the bag is only half full, and they don’t need a regulator to tell them that.

  • Top 25 Most Anticipated Anime of 2013:
    the rest might be pretty good, but, yeah, RAILGUN RAILGUN RAILGUN

  • And You Thought Those Other Bags Were Bad…:
    [sticks his head in it] WOW its like i’m actually there!

  • Comiket 83 Trashed “By Dirty Foreigners”:
    I am reminded of Occupy Wall Street, leaving similar messes behind wherever they go, including pooping on police cars. I am also reminded how little trash Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on the National Mall left behind.

  • Lupin the Third Fujiko Abuse Anime:
    Women with full body paint and/or tattoos? You know i’m there.


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