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…Kyuubey, take your hands off that kid…

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  • Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Nipple Exposure Anime:
    Lots and lots of current season anime tits on SanCom lately.

  • Top 25 Hit Anime That Weren’t Really All That:
    It’s all about K-On! Top 10 best anime ever: #3 K-on! Top 10 most disappointing anime ever:#5 K-On! Top 25 animes of 20XX: #2 K-On! Top 15 worst moe characters: #1 Mio, #2 Yui Top 30 most loveable anime characters: #3 Mio #4 Yui K-On!, topping SanCom lists since 2008.

  • Miku Dominates Super GT Again:
    I can picture; Ika-chan:”Wet weather guys! I’m from the sea! I got this one! *fails again*”

  • Seiyuu Cosplaying Their Characters:
    Rie Tanaka, my friend… Rie Tanaka. She’s hot herself, she voices hot charactesr, and then she cosplays as these characters.That’s not even 3D anyone. Many new dimensions are started during this. That should be 5.5D or something. Believe me, I understand about dimensions.

  • Hakurei Reimu Kourindo Figure:
    All my money. No, wait, all my money belongs to Haruhi.


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