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Speaking of details, the only thing that really bugs me in this (aside from the HUGE GAPING SMILE on her face, but that’s a matter of personal preference), it’s how she’s holding those things in pic 7. I think it’s pretty much physically impossible to hold something fanned out like that, while keeping it straight, with the very, very tips of your fingers; hell, one tiny movement and they’d just get loose. If they were just a centimeter or two down the finger, then it would look fine. Don’t know if it’s a Touhou thing as I haven’t played the games.

Yeah, I know. Nitpick. Nit. Pick.

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    I hope that’s not a toomah

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    Are you implying earths population is too small? That we are going extinct? “western civilized nations have birth rate problems”… I normaly hear that argument from homophobes… There is no problem, there are enough children and adults on this world that need a save country, a save home. Take care of these first before whining about women deciding when to give birth. And guess what, western nations are not in the need of 10 children per household. Like you said, medicine improved, if you get …

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    Vampy Bit me ( Linda Le) is a boothbabe for Mad Catz and not even a single picture of her is here? Come on man.

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    At least like most anime’s, she looks white. Gotta give the Japanese credit for making themselves look better in media.

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    They should spend a few more dollars and get some white girls. I don’t get it. Here, orientals, blacks and stuff are booth babes.


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