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Speaking of details, the only thing that really bugs me in this (aside from the HUGE GAPING SMILE on her face, but that’s a matter of personal preference), it’s how she’s holding those things in pic 7. I think it’s pretty much physically impossible to hold something fanned out like that, while keeping it straight, with the very, very tips of your fingers; hell, one tiny movement and they’d just get loose. If they were just a centimeter or two down the finger, then it would look fine. Don’t know if it’s a Touhou thing as I haven’t played the games.

Yeah, I know. Nitpick. Nit. Pick.

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  • Gyakusatsu Kikan Particularly Gruesome:
    so you didn’t see gone girl with your wife?

  • Musou Stars Enlists Dead or Alive Maidens:
    Cant wait! These games are a guilty pleasure of mine and the more characters the better!

  • Gyakusatsu Kikan Particularly Gruesome:
    It’s not about the movie itself, it’s about what movie-goers/customers want when they go to a theater, as opposed to watching a DVD or pirated online video in private. I have a doctorate degree, my wife has a master’s degree. When we go to the movie theater, we want to see something that sets a good mood. If I want something thought provoking, I’d read a book. It’s not possible to fit something intellectually stimulating into the short time frame of a movie. But then again, that’s not what …

  • Gyakusatsu Kikan Particularly Gruesome:
    Guro always makes the jappy’s fappy happy!!

  • King of Fighters: World “A Fighting MMO”:
    here too. just the mere mention of the word it automatically translated to shit and that’s not racist, they’re really good at ruining games.


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