Comment on “220,000” Attend 8th Nipponbashi Street Festa by motaku96:

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Looks fun. I don’t like that it seems the tv folks are having fun at the attendees expense.

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  • Road Safety, China Style:
    Not a bad idea. And the design is pretty good too.

  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin Lisa Silverman Figure:
    I feel like the detail is really lacking in this figure. I like Lisa’s character design, but this figure didn’t really capture it.

  • Nintendo Unveils 3DS XL:
    You forgot Gameboy Advance, and GBA SP.

  • Nintendo Unveils 3DS XL:
    If a second analog becomes standard, more games will make use of the feature. Just imagine the convenience it would provide for camera manipulation in 3D games.

  • Nintendo Unveils 3DS XL:
    If it doesn’t have an extra thumbstick, why bother? I know a lot of people were holding out for a new 3DS that would include it for games like RE. Aside from the silly 3DS XL, I’m very happy to see some talk of KH:DDD. Only about one more month till it comes out. And aldkfsafd! Fire Emblem finally has a NA release date? Next year is a long time to wait, but I’m just glad it’s officially getting a NA release.


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