Comment on “220,000” Attend 8th Nipponbashi Street Festa by Daisuki-chan:

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The whole crowd was bisexual (or homosexual and of one gender)?

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  • One Piece Cosplay by Saida Sexily Spectacular:
    Would trade bodies with and then have my original body die in a mysterious “accident”. 9/10

  • Top 25 Anime You Want to be Made into Movies:
    Wich Saber is the one for you? (8 syllables) Which Saber’s the one for you? (7 syllables) HTFY

  • Top 25 Seiyuu Singers:
    16. Aya Hirano Not high enough!

  • Ishihara: “Japanese Is The Only Non-White Modern Nation”:
    My post and its parent didn’t mention PPP GDP, which is not the default when one mentions GDP. So you’re just starting a new discussion there (which needs to consider another layer, the modification of nominal GDP to PPP GDP), not replying to anything I said. I’ll just say that PPP isn’t better for everything, as the world actually cares directly about currency exchange rates, too. It’s true that if you have a bunch of money you can move to Squalorland and have it last longer, but that won’t …

  • Ishihara: “Japanese Is The Only Non-White Modern Nation”:
    So $49,270 is “massive” compared to $45,870 to you. Fine. But then I guess the distance to Taiwan ($19,888; Japan beats that by 130.6%, over 17 times what Singapore beats Japan by!) must be mind-boggling. And I guess the United State’s $48,386 when compared to the United Kingdom’s $38,591 (the U.S. beats the U.K. by 25.4%, over triple the proportion that Singpore beats Japan by!) is more than merely “massive”. As far as I know, the “pitiful” U.K. is still considered first world, even though it …


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