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Yeah, it’s weird how they’re totally arbitrary about who gets censored.

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  • Yagyu Jubei Sling Bikini Ero-Figure:
    Want to see the best models and girls in skimpy bikini and poses very sexy and not believe your eyes as they are beautiful? Then you have to click on this link ( and check the words that I have just said. I am sure that you too will be convinced after the first 5 minutes you’ll be there. SlingBikini Babes, is perhaps the best galleries sling bikini site on the net today. Reggie1971

  • Yagyu Jubei Sling Bikini Ero-Figure:
    Wasn’t it Jyubei YAMADA ? ^^

  • Yagyu Jubei Sling Bikini Ero-Figure:
    I started to hate ink blots when i watched the censored versions…

  • Yagyu Jubei Sling Bikini Ero-Figure:
    You obviously arent familiar with this series lol

  • Yagyu Jubei Sling Bikini Ero-Figure:
    wonders about the one sided bracelet on her leg…. didnt a chinese die in a movie where his leg was pulled into a machine? wasnt it the same leg this figure got her bracelet on?

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    “You’re going to be hanged ni66er f__a__g__go_t after raping some gorillas and then beating them like a redheaded step child.”-Patriot

  • Hyoudou Ibuki Kousoku Do M “Hardly M At All…”:
    Moron brings up stat of world pop. Moron is unable to check make up of the American federal government, we have the numbers this the power, boy if this is too much you might as well cut of your tiny dick and join some SJW club and be a fucking prop for their propaganda, legalize rape, hang SJWs!

  • “S*x With Black C**ks” – Affirmative Action Indeed:

  • Bakuon!! Maddeningly Cute:
    The funny thing about this is that they literally said the only reason to join the club or ride a motorcycle is because of the friends you make. You can make friends anywhere at any time. No need to go through all that trouble to make friends. This anime really is made to be frank about what it has. I’m glad they’re very honest to say the least, and I won’t be watching the anime, but I respect it in a sense.

  • Kami no Te: “Win The Precious Air Of AKB48!”:
    Looks like another day in Holy Nippon :)


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