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You’d love to touch wouldn’t you you fucking creep.

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  • Nisemonogatari Ends – “That Was An Ending!?”:
    Just by looking at these caps i can tell it was trash. Glad i didn’t go past the first 10 minutes of episode 1. Epic trash.

  • Ika Musume Nendoroid:
    A little too late for this sort of shit.

  • Top 25 Anime for People Who Think Anime is For Kids:
    I am not surprised why anyone would think this list is full of kiddy anime, but not as surprised to the fact that Naruto is not listed here at all, it would have been #1 on the list. After so many years of the same shit such as girls running late to school with toast in their mouths, or the obvious shit like no parents present at the homes of teenagers who attend high school types of anime, and surely enough 99.9% of the time the parents are overseas busy with “work”, the moe, the chibi …

  • Negima Ending Annoys Fans:
    Unlike a lot of you retards, i gave up on Negima at volume 15 of the licensed English translated manga. If that shit reached whatever volume it has now in 2012, i can honestly say it was a waste of time with this fucking conclusion making it official trash. If you followed this from the beginning you have been trolled badly by Ken Akamatsu.

  • US Actor Rapes & Robs Tokyo Woman with Chloroform:
    I’m just happy he’s not in America and he wasn’t here when all this occurred. He betrayed America the minute he left. This is an example of what can happen to you retards who plan to betray whatever country you are from for something as retarded as trying to be Japanese and live in Japan because your too fucking stupid to be successful wherever you are now. Especially you weebs out there.


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