“The Cutest Madoka Cosplay Ever”


Madocchi fans are rejoicing at the discovery of what may be not only the cutest but also the smallest Madoka cosplay yet, on display to the milling otaku crowds of Nipponbashi.

Her advent has been greeted with some glee (and thankfully some restraint) by the usual suspects:

“I found Madocchi!”

“So cute!”

“What the…”

“Somehow, she’s smaller than I imagined.”

“Do their parents make them do this? If she wants to do it then it’s fine though.”

“She’d be scared if the crowd surrounded her.”

“My little sister always wanted a Sailor Moon costume when was in kindergarten, so she was bought one – isn’t it something like that?”

“What’ll we do if this turns out to be a boy?”

“Talk about cute…”

Mini-Madocchi’s accompanying Mini-QB may be a less welcome sight, however…

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