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While I normally be jumping up and down for joy. I am concerned as season 3 was iffy at best.

Please please replicate the first season as it was absolutely fantastic! Even though the character design was kinda lumpy in season 1, it worked perfectly with the comedy, attitudes and interactions.

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  • Otaku Still Revere Ritsu’s Birthday:
    Ugh this shit is still in circulation. Never felt the appeal for K-on. Not cute, funny, interesting, moe, etc. And I like those type normally!!!

  • Majimoji Rurumo Magical Beach Anime:
    This series really surprised me for the Summer. One of the funniest I have seen in quite a while!!!

  • Nozomi x Kimio Less Inspired Ero-Anime:
    What is this Shit, outsourced to China?

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Quite Bedazzling:
    I actually found it to be a very refreshing throwback to what an early 90′s anime is suppose to be. Both in how it is voice acted, animated, and the overall atmosphere. You can tell this takes place in 1992! Just look at the everyday clothes of the characters, and awesome spiral glasses that almost all male’s had back in this time frame. It is NOT supposed to be a new design, modern remake, hi-def masterpiece done by Shaft, PA Works, Silver Link.

  • Bashful Kirino Ero-Cosplay by Ayumi:
    Yuck. Where is the Tsun face! This is just sad looking


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