Comment on Minami-ke “4th” Season Announced by Sasazuka:

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It’d be lovely if Studio Daume could return to the franchise, but it seems that most of their talent has fled elsewhere. Daume hasn’t really done anything notable since the two ICHIGO MASHIMARO OVA series or whatever that SHIKI thing is.

I’m just hoping Masahiko Ohta, from the first season, returns as director, perhaps with Studio Dogakobo doing the animation (they also made Ohta’s most recent series, YURU YURI). Or Studio Bridge, where Ohta directed MITSUDOMOE.

Recent comments by Sasazuka:

  • “Former Seiyuu” Aya Hirano Lands First Leading Role:
    As long as Yuki Nagato is still Minori Chihara, the most irreplaceable voice actress in HARUHI SUZUMIYA, I’ll be satisfied.

  • “Former Seiyuu” Aya Hirano Lands First Leading Role:
    I just watched the final (until July) episode of SPACE DANDY and was pleased to hear Aya Hirano as “Coffee-Maker”, so I suppose she’s not completely out of the seiyuu game quite yet, although I suppose she probably recorded that a few months ago.

  • “Former Seiyuu” Aya Hirano Lands First Leading Role:
    So I guess “former seiyuu” more or less confirms that someone else will be voicing Haruhi Suzumiya in the upcoming anime adaptation of the manga spin-off series THE DISAPPEARANCE OF YUKI NAGATO? Eh, whatever. A little disappointing, but I can live with “wrong-sounding Haruhi”.

  • Sega Hard Girls Nets Anime:
    Speaking of the Master System, though, if I were in charge of writing this anime, I’d make the Master System girl Japanese-Brazilian, in honour of the country where they were still pumping out new Master System games until at least the late 1990s. The Nintendo Entertainment System might have reigned supreme in the 8-bit wars in the United States, but the Sega Master System was predominant in parts of Europe and especially Brazil.

  • Sega Hard Girls Nets Anime:
    I don’t think they have every profile done yet, or at least SANKAKU hasn’t posted every profile. From the main picture, I suspect the Master System is represented by the girl above the star on the left (wearing black with red accents), or perhaps he girl above the 32X girl. I wonder if they’ll have girls for both the Master System and the Mark III (the Japanese version, same hardware but different appearance)?


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