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good to hear that..

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  • Medaka Box Full of Pantsu:
    This series looks interesting.. I may as well continue to watch this.. Medaka’s personality is pretty interesting..

  • Accel World “Actually Quite Good”:
    the story is quite interesting, and the Girl is cute too, only one disappointment, yes the main guy is somehow “unique” but he has the personality, looks and actions of a loser, if he’s originally a pig then he’s somehow cute, but he’s a human!!! i want to see the whole story but i think i won’t like the fat guy..

  • Another Finale Transfixing in More Ways Than One…:
    the good news is at least misaki survived, but it would’ve been much better if akazawa also survived.. well, i really enjoyed this show even with those brutal deaths.. :D

  • Top 25 Most Underrated Anime:
    True Tears, a very good romance anime way back on 2008.. :D

  • Top 10 Romance Anime Which Still Have a Place in Your Heart:
    Toradora!, Clannad, True Tears > agreed 100%! Kimi ni Todoke > agreed 50%! haven’t watched the others yet.. and planning to watch Ai yori Aoshi..


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