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>Man with a violent criminal history gets 5 years for raping a little girl

…Do you even read the word you type?

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  • Man Gets 5 Years for Raping 12-Year-Old: “4 Was Too Soft!”:
    she must be hot

  • Man Gets 5 Years for Raping 12-Year-Old: “4 Was Too Soft!”:
    Those numbers are insane. Yes, people are raped, but there is no way in hell it’s that high here. And if it is, I blame the foreigners who come to this country to spread their religious propoganda, aka Muslims. I’m not saying all Muslims, just the majority of those who come to live here. We didn’t have a ghetto until they started piling in. It’s really sad. My country is a safe, lovely place. It’s all the terrorists who do these horrible things (and some Swedes too. I’m not that ignorant!).

  • Man Gets 5 Years for Raping 12-Year-Old: “4 Was Too Soft!”:
    It should be mentioned that the high rate of rape in Sweden is almost exclusively due to Muslims raping Swedish woman out of religious hate. If it wasn’t for the insane Swedish immigration laws, occurrence of rape in Sweden would be on par with japans. There are actually Somalian and Moroccan rape gangs who openly brag of doing this, some even admitted it to Swedish press. In case of a conviction they get even shorter prison terms to reflect “their different cultural views of woman”. It is …

  • Man Gets 5 Years for Raping 12-Year-Old: “4 Was Too Soft!”:
    And what does this have to do with anime?

  • Man Gets 5 Years for Raping 12-Year-Old: “4 Was Too Soft!”:
    Don’t forget that they actually make/get money by being in prison in Sweden, they actually make/get about 11 SEK per hour, so they make about 264 SEK per 24 hours and in one month they get about 7920 SEK, that would be around 1135 USD. and I have to pay for this little shits vacation, trough taxes, it sucks… alot.

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  • Koyomimonogatari BD “Bring The Ero Home!”:
    Why did his sister cut off her glorious ponytail? I mean there was no fucking reason, just suddenly… it happened. Me and my friend were like, “You’re fucking dead to me, woman!” Then we proceeded to kill each other over 2D pictures because we realized both had some interest in the same girl. We do that all the time. We’ve died a lot.

  • Japanese Ghostbusters Music Video Emerges:
    Its not a real ghostbusters, its not a sequal, its a reboot. Dan Akroid and the guy that played Egon were already writing a movie, but he died and they stole the movie out from under Akroid and made it a full female reboot for the new feminist era

  • Japanese Ghostbusters Music Video Emerges:
    I’m actually ok for use all girls cast for Ghostbuster, but after watched the horrifying trailers, they make it into Disney style targeting for maximum 3 years old kids which get me, probably due to very strong influence of SJW/Feminazi.

  • 10th Anniversary Higurashi Exhibit Emerges:
    As a fellow Higurashi fan, I love this comment!

  • Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Nude Mod Revealed:
    If you are talking about scenaries I agree it looks like garbage, the girls look amazingly gorgeous though. Game is also fun.


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