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I think you may be fuzzy on the definition of ‘subliminal’. (`ー´)

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  • The Pachinko Game of Haruhi Suzumiya:
    As far as anime license pachinko machines go, it’s hard to top the Evangelion machines. Those are just fucking awesomeness, wrapped in win, fortified with hell yes.

  • Aldnoah Zero Generic Mecha Anime:
    Sorry, but unless it was a body double, she’s deader than fried chicken, son. If you frame-by-frame it, you see her literally torn to shreds by the explosion. ;3

  • Aldnoah Zero Generic Mecha Anime:
    Considering she’s listed as a main character, I was like “No way did they really kill off the princess in the first episode…” Because if you’re just watching it, it’s super-heavily implied, but you don’t actually see what happened. HOWEVER! If you frame-by-frame it you see her get torn to shreds by the explosion. It’s like 4 frames. So, unless that was a body double… Daaaaamn. This show ain’t fuckin’ around. :3

  • Hitsugi no Chaika Chaste Bathing Anime:
    Thick eyebrows are such an underutilized character design trait… I wish they’d turn up more in things that actually interest me, because I find them so incredibly moe! :S

  • PS4 Too Hot For Its Own Good:
    I don’t see what the big deal is. Anyone who’s ever looked at their PC temps will tell you that 140-degrees F isn’t that hot. I mean, that’s what? Like 60-degrees celsius? That’s like a GPU under moderate load. These modern game consoles are going to run hot, because they’ve got so much shit crammed into such a small space, with the minimum cooling possible. It’s still another 100 degrees from the kinds of temperatures needed to reflow the solder joints on the chips and really screw stuff up. …


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