Comment on Kiddy Event “Ruined by Creepy Lolicon Otaku” by Kaoru Nagisa:

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Yeah, they totally should introduce communism. Communism => shortage of goods => only one baton per person => problem solved.

Although, on the second thought… this scheme will fail pretty quickly, once the creepy otakus will reinvent the techniques used by the soviet people to circumvent the “only X goods per person” rule, namely by entering the queue over and over. I heard the Japanese are pretty good when it comes to queues.

Well, at least they won’t be able to exploit the system even more by bringing their children to stand in the queue. OH GOD THE NIGHTMARES. THEY’RE COMING BACK. THE BUTTER QUEUE. THE SUGAR QUEUE. THE WHO THE FUCK KNOWS WHAT THEY SELL BUT I STAND HERE ANYWAY IT MIGHT BE USEFUL THING QUEUE. FUCK THE 80’S IN THE USSR!

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