“How Much’ll Otaku Pay To Grab Aki Toyosaki’s Bags Now?”


Aki Toyosaki is once again offering loaded otaku the chance to pay to grab one of her cute bags, with the proceeds to go to charity – but thanks to her new-found scandal seiyuu status, cruel speculation rages amongst seiyuu otaku as to how much less than the $20,000 she received last time will be offered this time, and how badly she will be humiliated as a result.

The last time Toyosaki sold one of her bags for charity, it fetched a tidy ¥1,566,600:


However, this was pre-H@ck and pre-Jude, and seiyuu otaku are now cruelly speculating as to how badly her value to her fans has plunged in the wake of the unbelievable revelation that she has a boyfriend.

The next bag, entitled “I’m always close to you,” seems to bear a somewhat more refined design, and is set to go up for auction April 2nd:


Online, there is much anticipation of a drop in value for such notoriously second-hand merchandise, as well as some appreciation of her artistic skills:

“I can’t wait to see how much less she gets this time!”

“The last time was just an outlier, surely.”

“Cute picture. I want it, but it’s sure to go too high for my like.”

“Aki-chan’s art has such a kindly aura. She should put out a collection of her pictures.”

“I think it would sell!”

Collectors of seiyuu memorabilia expecting it to appreciate will doubtless now be considering the danger of investing in a seiyuu only to have her turn out to be the next Toyosaki or Taketatsu – or even, heaven forfend, another Hirano.

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