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It’s quite simple really: You covet what you can’t get, what you can’t see. If you look at it through time, it used to be considered erotic to show your legs if you were a woman before. If you threw a woman in a bikini into a timemachine and leapt to the 30s or so it would be a huge outrage.

Humans have always been charmed and attracted to that which can’t be seen or what is not fully clear, something that makes their fantasy work. It’s highly visible in art: Why does Mona Lisa smile? What happened to the arms of the statue of Venus? It’s things like that that makes them attractive. Once you have uncovered everything, everything is exposed for you to see, and it becomes less interesting. Because of the excessive exposion to naked skin thanks to the internet, we have become dulled to the attraction we once used to feel. This is why some of us (myself included), prefer light clothing like stockings, open blouses, etc, in contrast to just pure nudity, because it causes our minds to guess and wonder at what it looks like underneath.

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    I guess that holds some truth to it as well, although I need a bit more incentive than just a face. Lolicon… How rude: I don’t covet young girls, I just happen to like girls that are petite and got small breasts, which coincidentally, young girls just happen to be :P

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