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Ranma 1/2 like Urusei Yatsura where meant to be unclosed in cases fans or the writer might get another Big idea to bring it back. Editors controlled her stories back then too to also explain this result, but since her famous money making ways became incredible now, Inuyasha ended because I’m guessing she just got tired of it and wanted to Completely end it permanently!

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  • Negima Ending Annoys Fans:
    Negima simply put to the grinder ends up lacking in soooo many ways. The boy’s BIGGEST reason to quickly learn magic was to FIND HIS PARENTS! How does he do in the end? It’s wrapped up in a SINGLE SENTENCE cast aside in the final chapter!!! His relationship to the girls most in love with him? Some visit him from time to time for brunch!!! His crush whispered? From what I saw in the final chapter~~ his wants to get ass banged by shonen dead face opponent/friend because he’s turned into a …

  • Negima Ending Annoys Fans:
    True to the power!~ sorta… Since the protag only got to bang one of the three to the end of insemination. The first was a wash – the second one kept coming too quick and fainted (but still got the cock in her) and the last with vague shots showed the final pay-off. Guess what? This harem works!!!

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  • Otaku Can Now Ride the Girls of Chuunibyou:
    ~sigh~ ever since kyotard got corrupted by the tons of yennies outta k-0n & going down a road of artistic bankruptcy (endless eight abomination) w/ little specks of light (the amazingly entertaining HYOUKA), it doesn’t surprise myself that such a dismal mess that is this Nu success story for the company has come about to fatten further their bank accounts. Fuck~nuggets that I couldn’t get past more than the 1st few episodes before stopping & yet Nipponese suck it up like crack. k-0n …

  • To Love-Ru Darkness Battle Ecstacy Touchingly Sexy:
    Game looks kinda PsP’y but it will dominate the charts if the creators exploit ALL the functions of the Vita >the use of BOTH sides of the system for the WIN< to create even better shit! + Example: Rito is giving Momo a back rub & as you message, start working her Front (eYahh!)on the Vita!!! Think about the things to be done from there on end!!!

  • Hatsune Miku Race Queen 2013 Edition:
    If you look at the other two reports from ’11 & ’12 you’ll note that the bust line grows yearly~ If this continues; she’ll be loading out Double D’s by 2019!

  • Zelda Musou: “Nintendo Has Sunk To Rock Bottom!”:
    Well.. it’s good to see Link return to his origins. He was always LEFT handed till wii fucked him over~ Won’t buy it since I get tired quickly on these types of games of slash bash crash rinse/repeat formulas….

  • “What Have Square Enix Done To Lightning Now!?”:
    Sqeunix be bleedin’ yennies for years now w/ this game & like all women who still believe they can change their sweet misunderstood man while he beats them. The pandering to the lowest denominator will go on~


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