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Yeah, i have yet to finish a single game of the Atelier series, but while on the look out for something “Different” in the RPG market after the “quality” o squeenix dropped. I found these gems along with the Ar TOnelico Trilogy and was quite pleased I found another set of RPG’s to fill the void.

Truly great games that I’m glad doesn’t have the “fanaticism” that FF does. Last thing we need is another bloated franchise like FF to start soiling the RPG market. I’m happy the way the titles are right now and pre-ordering Meruru first chance I get :D

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  • Lovely Rorona Figure:
    Fuck man first the Chie figure and now this?! Damn it man I only have so much money >.<

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  • Baku-Ane Otouto Shibocchau-zo Crazed Oppai Ero-Anime:
    sry but the DFC with the glasses is why I’m here… Let me know when her episode appears :P

  • Behold Tokyo’s Cutest JK – 2014:
    Yeah, the video game, remade and remastered for the PS4/XBONE 10 dollars cheaper but probably not worth it :O

  • Japanese Government “Will Stamp Out Anime Streaming”:
    Reminds me of the scene from Taken: “Good Luck” Except this time, they cant find everyone… and when you’ve found one, you’ve ended up finding none.

  • Top 20 Anime of Summer 2014, According to Sony:
    Aldnoah should be higher than Ghoul, just swap those. Gekkan Shoujo should be higher… if not top 5 somewhere… seriously. SAO II ain’t losing it’s crown… let’s not kid ourselves here. It’s decent at best and unworthy of its no.1 spot but there it will stay for the next year or so even after its airs its last episode. Other than that, list seems legit.

  • Top 20 Anime of Summer 2014, According to Sony:
    God I hope not, Guilty Crown was a mish mash of ideas that never panned out to anything with substance. Great OP/ED’s, Great character animations/drawings, decent soundtrack, shitty insert themes (especially the last episodes theme during that stupid ass dance,) ajnd overall a plot that couldn’t tell heads,tails or ass-backwards what it wanted to do with it’s plot. Beautiful animations for such a below par show. It’s like buying a Faberge egg and expecting it to do shit when all you can use it …


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