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Yeah, i have yet to finish a single game of the Atelier series, but while on the look out for something “Different” in the RPG market after the “quality” o squeenix dropped. I found these gems along with the Ar TOnelico Trilogy and was quite pleased I found another set of RPG’s to fill the void.

Truly great games that I’m glad doesn’t have the “fanaticism” that FF does. Last thing we need is another bloated franchise like FF to start soiling the RPG market. I’m happy the way the titles are right now and pre-ordering Meruru first chance I get :D

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  • Lovely Rorona Figure:
    Fuck man first the Chie figure and now this?! Damn it man I only have so much money >.<

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    Yeah bab¥, daddy like’s it like that. You like my scope? It’s long and hard.

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    Not really, Destiny was shit, this is actually watchable and dare I say, good.

  • Nisekoi Season 2 Unveiled:
    FIrst season had almost virtually little to no fillers. Plus the manga is pretty far along. Plenty of material for another solid 12-13 episodes of all manga adaptation with virtually 0 filler again. Definitely worth the purchase for those looking for it here in the US ^ ^ (just gotta deal with them aniplex prices ><)

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    Yeah it’s kinda off :(

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    The superior girl from P4 is used as the main pic for the article. I approve of this :) *raises glass* Here’s to hoping we receive as awesome a cast as 4, and hopefully topping my fav character from the franchise. MNK-class girls are the best ^ ^


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