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Dear lord, you guys don’t understand the concept of “epoch-making”? Influential?

For something to be influential, the work must affect OTHERS works. Is like saying how a movie or a manga with revolutionary ideas created a bunch of similar or inspired works.

Like Pokemon. After Pokemon, a wave of “kids with their *monster/robots/csrds/thigs* became famous. The concept of a powerfull pet might have appeared before, but the way Pokemon presented it became worldwide famous, and changed the industry forever.

Madoka can’t be influential because it is so new that *nothing* was inspired by it.

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  • Top 25 Epoch-Making Anime:
    DBZ is 8

  • Top 25 Epoch-Making Anime:
    Being influenced by something doesn’t mean that something had greater influence though. Otherwise let’s just trace back to the beginning of drawings or something equally ridiculous.

  • Top 25 Epoch-Making Anime:
    Not like that last part means much, almost anything is influenced by something. The list didn’t say anything about not being influenced as a requirement to be in it. That being said, I think it’s a bit new to be considered influential quite yet, that’s to be seen.

  • Top 25 Epoch-Making Anime:
    What? No “Yu-Gi-Oh!”? Invalid list is invalid.

  • Top 25 Epoch-Making Anime:
    The key word is “influential,” people. It doesn’t matter what subverts what if nobody cares. Friggin’ Dokuro-chan and Dai Mahou Touge subvert magical girls, and that’s not an automatic ticket to anything. And I say that as a Tutu fan, though my penis draws the line at Utena (it can also do sketches). Now, we haven’t seen entire strings of Madoka imitators yet besides Symphogear. But it has become a top seller in Japan, anime or otherwise. That’s why it already counts as a landmark.

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