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Dear lord, you guys don’t understand the concept of “epoch-making”? Influential?

For something to be influential, the work must affect OTHERS works. Is like saying how a movie or a manga with revolutionary ideas created a bunch of similar or inspired works.

Like Pokemon. After Pokemon, a wave of “kids with their *monster/robots/csrds/thigs* became famous. The concept of a powerfull pet might have appeared before, but the way Pokemon presented it became worldwide famous, and changed the industry forever.

Madoka can’t be influential because it is so new that *nothing* was inspired by it.

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  • Top 25 Epoch-Making Anime:
    K-on??? lol… I pity this list. Lucky Star and Haruhi were great… but not epoch-making. There are some good “epoch-defining” anime on this list, but epoch-making? I think the author is confused. Or maybe the translation is incorrect.

  • Top 25 Epoch-Making Anime:
    DBZ is 8

  • Top 25 Epoch-Making Anime:
    Being influenced by something doesn’t mean that something had greater influence though. Otherwise let’s just trace back to the beginning of drawings or something equally ridiculous.

  • Top 25 Epoch-Making Anime:
    Not like that last part means much, almost anything is influenced by something. The list didn’t say anything about not being influenced as a requirement to be in it. That being said, I think it’s a bit new to be considered influential quite yet, that’s to be seen.

  • Top 25 Epoch-Making Anime:
    What? No “Yu-Gi-Oh!”? Invalid list is invalid.

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  • Gyakusatsu Kikan Particularly Gruesome:
    Thank you for showing us the difference between “educated” and “intelligent”.

  • Musou Stars Enlists Dead or Alive Maidens:
    The day I see DOA being represented by a flat chested lolilcon pandering character. That’s when I knew DOA is dead to me. I don’t care what Marie Rose fans think, to me she totally ruined the identity of the series. I liked as a fighting game, but I appreciate it was unabashed about having buxom females in the series. Marie Rose does not fit in and was the worse thing for DOA.

  • Talking Tachikoma’s “Personality Can Change”:
    Stick a fleshlight on this thing and have it talk technically to ya!

  • Musou Stars Enlists Dead or Alive Maidens:
    Well ain’t that extremely petty. You could just like, NOT use them. It must be rough being so thin skinned the mere existence of 2 characters makes you avoid something you previously had intentions of playing.

  • Musou Stars Enlists Dead or Alive Maidens:
    Weird how you seem to suggest a genre thats been doing consistently well for over 2 decades now and still getting more releases… actually even doing better now with the licensed properties buying into the genre… needs saving?


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