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Lol. Context, you completely ignored it, but if that’s the limit of your intelligence then let me explain:

Note how I did NOT mention WHAT specifically is heading in a direction. I am implying that each of those countries are heading in the same dirction of “GETTING WORSE” in GENERAL. Are the upper cases working for you?

But if you want to keep acting like an idiot, carry on with your CAPSLOCK and fallacies with putting words in my mouth. People like you are what makes Sankaku people look like uneducated retards.

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  • Father Bites Off Son’s Penis:
    ..sorry to break it to you has everything to do with china.people over there are insane.they have been for the last 60 years.SIXTY-and dont-dont pull out the usual crap ”ohh dont bring race into it you dont know what your talking about bwlahahahahah”- some guy in china just bit off his kids penis.bit it off.the whole thing.with his teeth…they also say hes been seen strangling him..yeah.thats not totally out of his f%cking mind.kind of like when mao zedong said ‘power comes from the …

  • Father Bites Off Son’s Penis:
    ..ill be sure to use this as leverage against anyone now supporting china and they and their govement psychotic reign over the last 60 years”your goverment didnt destroy tibet”? yeah well guess one in america or any other country i know in reality for that matter-has EVER had someone so crazy they bit off their sons PENIS.take THAT you mao congdong dedong worshipper.yeah power comes from the bullet of a gun alright(mao zedongs own words) like one pointed right at youR FRIGGIN head.

  • Father Bites Off Son’s Penis:
    LMAO you crack me up

  • Father Bites Off Son’s Penis:
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA! What a totally pointless feud. You’re a low grade troll albeit with passable grammar skills. I am not impressed, and of course I know you don’t act to impress me so shut the fuck up before you butt in there. Leave this poor guy alone :L He needs his caps lock as much as YOU DO right? From now on how about you shut the fuck up and let the stupid folk enjoy their mindless fun. They can’t read or write properly so why waste the time commenting you dumb fucking ape. I am king, and …

  • Father Bites Off Son’s Penis:
    Much worse has happened in other countries. Stop mindlessly repeating the “only in China” meme like a braindead zombie and learn more about the world around you.

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