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Epic win. I love Luka.

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  • OregaIru Season 2 Announced:
    have you been under a rock for the past decade of anime or something literally every second cute-girl anime these days has an insufferable lead character who thinks he’s too cool for everything and makes sarcastic monologues and sighs whenever the female characters do anything ‘wacky’. It was old and annoying in Haruhi, and its positively grating now. I have no idea why anyone thinks this is new or cool.

  • OregaIru Season 2 Announced:
    We need more novels, mangas and animes with that kind of character!

  • OregaIru Season 2 Announced:
    Yahari S2: THE 8MAN RISES

  • Top 15 Spring 2014 Anime Premiers:
    For once I agree with the top 2, but if they DIDN’T make those spots then there would honestly be something wrong with humanity, given how shitty the rest of the anime airing this season are. I mean, Mangaka-san and Daimidaler are among the worst anime I’ve seen in years. They’re almost as bad as Pupa turned out to be.

  • Sekai de Ichiban Tasteful Tackling BD:


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