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I remember that show, couldn’t stop watching it. No idea about the 8 special’s tho, never even ehard of those. DId they add anything to the show, the plot, or were they just there as extras?

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    I dropped it around episode 13, Kiddy-Girl-and, i Loved season 1 so much even though the ending left much to be desired… a show that started off with a bang left on a whimper, kinda like Eden of the east. One of my most recent favorite shows that ended a while back. Had a GREAT start but lost steam as it went along. I might go back to KGA based on what I’ve read on episode recaps online seeing as how things get interesting again past midway. But in the long run it reminds me of the pacing of …

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    Somethings wrong with u buddy… it seems like you stopped at the plot synopsis instead of even bothering to watch one episode with a comment like that on Astarotte… Last Exile Fam is awesome, again, obviously someone doesn’t know how to connect the two plots together… reminds me of the people who complained that Chrono Cross wasn’t a true sequel to Chrono Trigger. News Flash: it was, it just wasn’t the sequel YOU were hoping for… :/

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    @00:26 That’s the reason why it succeeds, because it was about the characters and not about the card game, which is how you were viewing it. If you were thinking “dear god not another yugioh” then you’re watching the wrong show buddy. Chihayafuru is an excellent show, knowing that it will A) Never get a US release (marketing problems are so obvious on this one…) and B) the sales for it in Japan are probably gonan tank… and hard… so that it’ll never get a second season make me sad :’(

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