Canadian Lolicon Gropes Tokyo Schoolgirl


A Canadian man has been arrested for groping a Tokyo schoolgirl, and is suspected of being behind a series of similar attacks and acts of public indecency around the city.

The 41-year-old Canadian citizen, a company employee of apparent French-Canadian extraction, was arrested by police in Tokyo’s Kokubunji city on charges of indecent assault.

According to police, in October he approached an elementary schooler, flipped her skirt and then proceeded to forcibly grope her posterior.

He admits flipping the girl’s skirt, but says “I have no recollection of whether I touched her bottom or not.”

His arrest followed him being identified from Shinagawa ward security camera footage, and police are investigating whether they can pin additional charges on him, based on similar reports from Shinagawa and western Tokyo, as well as reports of a “foreigner” exposing himself in public in the same areas.

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