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Jesus fucking christ. +5 to you man for making me reply to your comment but Kara no Kyokai anime is just mind-numbingly boring. Yes it has great visuals, yes it has good drawing but BY THE GODS the dialouge, the pacing and the way they execute the story made me experience a feeling that can only be compared to attending a catholic mass during the Lenten season. That is how boring it is.

And yes Touko Aozaki is so edgy and ‘DEEP’ that it hurts and episode 7 just makes me quit the whole business.

You got opinion man but your opinion can make another guy RAGE HARD!

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  • Idol Sister Ero-OAD Highly Scandalous:
    And you think real world idols all have the hots for producer-san? Their experiences are really just the Japanese variant of casting couches. I do you or you’re out. In other words, sexual coercion. Hence this is unrealistic. And for anyone who still didn’t get it, my OP was meant as a cynical joke.

  • MikuMikuDance on Steam Greenlight:
    I think 90% of people who were interested in MMD have already tried it and moved past it by now. We really do need more MMD hentai/sexy dances that are in first person for the oculus though, but that doesn’t have anything to do with steam.

  • Chloe Lemaire Ero-Cosplay by Natsuki Hasegawa:
    Make sure you censor the nipples, oh but don’t worry about the penis

  • MikuMikuDance on Steam Greenlight:
    Someone already made a perfectly functioning English version for free. Now someone else wants to do the same thing and then charge money for it? To do something that’s already been done before without adding anything new– and then charging money. You’re right though– creators have the right to implement whatever distribution model they desire. But the fact remains that this is a dick distribution model.

  • Idol Sister Ero-OAD Highly Scandalous:
    Guys go read the manga, dont watch this shit. They ruined completely the art style of the mangaka.


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