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Hey, Akira is an excellent film. Don’t knock it down like that. And just because something becomes mainstream doesn’t mean its shit. Plenty of stuff start out as a cult following and then get popular latter. Get over yourself about how everything that becomes mainstream is shit. That’s like an emo, 8th grader attitude you got there. Are you trying to be a rebel or something and think it’s cool because its not.

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  • Neptunia Unleashes Disturbingly Sexualized Fury on Vita:
    What’s funny is Neptunia is under no scrutiny at all with its underage characters, and yet Arisa Yamato gets her manga cancelled 2 days before release due to “harmful material”. And if you notice her characters are mature looking. I find Japan full of hypocrisy. This is perfectly fine to me. Let it pass. But Arisa Yamato should also get a pass!

  • Nisekoi BD Steamily Shafted:
    Shaft is getting stupid. Their changes with the hot springs episode is inconsistent. They are turning into a George Lucas. Stop it right now SHAFT. I have great respect for what you do but you are making me lose that for every mess up!

  • Brynhildr Minimally Guro Ending:
    13 episodes for any given adaptation of 2-3 volumes long or more is a shit decision. I keep saying, the standard needs to be 24 episodes unless the original source material is really short. I keep saying this over and over again. 24 episodes should be standard testing grounds for a series not 13.

  • Brynhildr Minimally Guro Ending:
    I agree. The show was poorly adapted. No helping it. What I’m sick of is the 13 episode format for adaptations of manga more than 2-3 volumes long. A standard anime should be 24 episodes. And if it isn’t popular don’t adapt more. 24 episodes gives time for a series to properly flesh out.

  • Atelier Rorona “Really R18+ in the West”:
    I knew a long time ago the australian rating board were a bunch of crazies.


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