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The visuals are great and the roots in culture is awesome, but that really is all there is to it. The eventual climax often ends up being strange and often contrived.

The fans also overrate it to the point of ridiculousness. It is a nice watch, but on concept alone, it is not amazing.

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  • The Nintendo Switch Unveiled:
    Or explodes… but either way that’d be a first for Nintendo. Besides hinge problems theyve always had the best quality portable hardware.

  • Keijo Abreast With Moist Service:
    You know you can’t do anything about it, bitch … so do me at least one favour and be a valuable whore, apart from being worthless.

  • The Nintendo Switch Unveiled:
    Rather play a new Mario than any of the crap on ipad, tbh.

  • The Nintendo Switch Unveiled:
    iPad games dont require button input, which is the main reason why mobage are so hated by gamers to begin with. That alone puts this in a more relevant category than ipad already.

  • The Nintendo Switch Unveiled:
    Yeah, that’s all nice but I only care about 4 points: 1. What’s the battery gonna be like? 2. Bayonetta 3 when? 3. Dont tell me I have to buy all my VC games for a 4th time. 4. Region Lock? But Zelda is enough reason to buy it anyways.


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