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In the US, they will make up other reasons to fire you. If you fire someone because they had a tattoo, you will be eaten alive by your ex-employee’s lawyer.

[quote]How many corporate execs, lawyers, engineers or doctors for that matter do you see with a lot of skin art?[/quote]
You know what else is common among people in prestigious and high paying jobs? Above average intelligence.
I’m not going to claim a relationship between lower intelligence and likelyhood to get a tattoo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one.

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  • Osaka Bans Tattoos:
    Somebody needs to drug and abduct the mayor, and give him a full face tattoo… mabye something with a penis

  • Osaka Bans Tattoos:
    @04:55 Yeah, whatever. I see you shut up quick about the EU not “endorsing” civil liberties violations, though.

  • Osaka Bans Tattoos:
    GUYS, GUYS. You’re missing the important part. Where can I find more of the model in the picture?

  • Osaka Bans Tattoos:
    [quote]So when you get done cleaning up your own backyard, then you can get back to me about how terrible the US is and how Europe has the superior dedication to “freedom”.[/quote] Nobody said anything remotely close to that. I’m not going to bother with you anymore. Either you are a troll, or you are royally stupid.

  • Osaka Bans Tattoos:
    Can someone please share the source for these pics?

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