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Pee has lately been a theme in her shoots. I am not a fan of pee.

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  • Kennedy “Worst Ambassador in Japanese History”:
    She is way to old and stale to be the voice of Japan for America. Does she even know where it’s located? Japan is a very unique place that many people can not understand or still hate. So it would take a very special person to be able to translate that into “American” as many American think of Japan in 2 ways. “Damn Japs, we bombed them and won the war. Screw up and commit seppuku” “Oh that pervy place where people love cartoons and little girls. Yuck stay away” We need the 3rd type that thinks …

  • Laura Bodewig Bikini Mishap Figure:
    Oh SO cute MUST buy!! My favorite character in IS by far both in looks and personality.

  • Finally: TERA Gets Goth Loli & Pantsu:
    Yuck. Not a fan of this style character. Hands way to big. Hips way to big. Weird expressions on their faces. Not sure how the game is, but it would be hard for me to play if I had to control a character that looked like that.

  • Chuunibyou 2: “What Have KyoAni Done To Her!?”:
    UGH what happened!!!!!!!!!! I really hope she is only like that for one episode, and then decides hell, this is not me, and changes back. Or….. A better approach would be she went total goth loli. That would be very cute! and have so many more angles to her development, then this Student Council Look.

  • Megurine Luka Gains English Artbook Debut:
    I was really concerned thinking it was drawn by America artists, so could only fear cow udders and thunder thighs with short shorts. Nice to see actual proper Anime renderings of Luka.


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