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Why? Why would anyone in their right mind be aroused by piss? Is it simply an obsession with everything related to vaginas? I could understand arouse from vaginal fluids, but *news flash* urine doesn’t come out vaginas.

Seriously I demand an explanation, even an idiotic one.

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  • Imouto Okashii Reveals Yet More Pantsu:
    Just making sure but, can I introduce you to Kill la Kill?

  • Free! Total Tear-Jerker:
    I have a dream. Of haters just ignoring the Free! articles en mass. Imagine, just the article peage, 4 comments from some fujoshi/gay fans andnothing else. Who knows maybe Sankaku will stop reporting on Free! after they discover the articles are simply getting ignored. If only homophobes used their brain for long enough to avoid making comments on Free! Then again, they *are* homophobes…

  • Top 10 Anime Girls With The Hottest Figures:
    This is accurate as fuck. Let them watch Tenjou Tenge or Kanokon or Makenki or To-Love-ru. They change their opinion and probably die from profuse nose bleeding.

  • Top 10 Anime Girls With The Hottest Figures:
    Tenjou Tenge.

  • Top 10 Anime Girls With The Hottest Figures:
    Thanks I was waiting for someone to mention Yoko Littner. I’ll add Aya and Maya Natsume. And for something more petite but still smoking, Momo Deviluke.


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