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All innuendos aside, that’s gonna cause one hell of a brain-freeze!


*akward silence*

Just saying…

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  • Tama-nee Lolly Licking Figure:
    Jennifer Aniston recently and unmarried Alex Justin Theroux secretly married, however the wedding ceremony is too mysterious, and even mobile phones have been confiscated guests, thus we missed seeing Aniston’s wedding, and no wedding outflow, so that fans and other well anxious.The results did not expect Aniston himself in face book, put a blonde woman wearing a long dress in the trunk of the photo, also wrote You have my whole heart for my whole life.WeddingDress (You possess my life heart …

  • Tama-nee Lolly Licking Figure:
    I’ve always wanted to know whether or not that hairstyle was possible.

  • Tama-nee Lolly Licking Figure:
    Those filthy Americans don’t lick enough popsicle sticks. I do it all the time. When I’m not licking a long, juicy penis. The males in my country do that all day long & they love it.

  • Tama-nee Lolly Licking Figure:
    Tama-nee is the embodiment of sex.

  • Tama-nee Lolly Licking Figure:
    All the To Heart ‘girls’ had those big kitten/puppy eyes and they nab you right away from even a side angle view of the picture, you must stop and look to see who ‘she’ is.

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  • Tenshi to Akuma no Sakusei “Has More Helicopter C**ks”:
    Somebody help me!!! I keep telling Miley Cyrus to use our toliet but she keeps peeing outside and next to our car.

  • Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku “Trump to Become Villain”:
    It’s literally the same pose and expression from a real Trump picture.

  • “Horny Bathhouse” For American Audiences Only:
    You obvious dont know how stats and ratios work. Those numbers dont imply that at all and according to the numbers the most fat people are in the country are white because 34% of white people is >>>>>>> than 48 non hispanic blacks. But go on and continue to be an idiot.

  • Samus Returns: “Buy It Or No More 2D Metroid!”:
    B-but muh RNG Digital “card” game that I maxed out my mom’s credit card on! I’m going to bitch about it while watching my favorite manchild on YouTube show why he’s better than all you fucking losers by playing a “card” game! He’s rich and successful, I know because I pay him money every month because I support his hard work and i’m totally not a tool! (Sound about right?)

  • Wild Graffiti Goddess Delectably Flat:
    Fucking Gross. The guy who does this blogs is degenerate filth that only likes degenerate trashy filth posing as girls. These girls he keeps posting don’t even have penises for fuck’s sake.


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