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Although I posted earlier I must agree, it might be a high musical tolerance that you have or maybe it’s your ability to stay positive, either way keep it up. I’m just glad to see there are at least some people on this post that realize just because you might not prefer a musicians style or even worse how they performed one cover, doesn’t make them any less talented. The only thing someone will accomplish with that kind of negative thought process is becoming more negative themselves.

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  • Aki Toyosaki “Can’t Sing At All” “Insulted All Beatles Fans”:
    WOW! This chick has some balls on her,I’m going to give it to her though… not a dislike but a LIKE, I think she is no doubt talented,playing an instrument and singing at the same time while performing in front of a live top it all off she is singing the song in its original language, which I think it is safe to say isn’t her first language although I could be wrong. I enjoy listening to some Beatles, preferably their songs that have more of a “rock and roll” vibe (some of which …

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    Somewhat of a NEET myself, even hikikomori at times during the winter, I love lonely girls photographing themselves, or even better asking me to be the cameraman. But can someone tell me what is with the Number Id she is holding? Is that part of a dating social network

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    OOHHH Nooo! I guess they’ll just have to make one out of gold

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    Damn I should have said “below me” didn’t realize which way post were be added, such a rookie

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    I must agree with the many above me, terrible title, but I do like pic 7, I think it was 7…it took me so long to get down here I’m not sure and I’m not that familiar with bishoujo characters, oh shit that’s probably the wrong terminology, someone’s bound to rip me a new one now, I’m so un-P.C.

  • Goddess (?) of 2ch: “I’m an Otoko no Ko!” “No You’re Not!”:
    I agree with you Aneko, these photos could,and judging by the breast, all be different people, I found this post through a search result, went to reply to what you had said and haha, wasn’t thinking I would have to become a member, took the time to do so and it was worth it, seems like a good site, hope you notice response


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