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Well considering he was born in the Middle East, he could technically be considered Asian, albeit very west Asian.

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  • “I Got a Seiyuu Tattoo”:
    If you actually read the post the guy states that he doesn’t care if the seiyuu has slept with someone, in fact stating: “for her to be in her thirties and still a virgin would be the creepy thing.”

  • Steve Jobs Dies:
    There is a stop button in iTunes. Just switch to a different playlist/album/page and the pause becomes a stop. That said the passing of Steve Jobs is indeed a sad event for which all technophiles, Apple fans or not, should be saddened by.

  • Tsubasa wa Nai Imouto Nipple Action:
    From what I’ve seen a lot of BD releases actually have touched up animation (especially with Shaft anime it seems), at least from what I’ve seen here on Sankaku. Anyway I’m fairly sure the left side is the BD version since, on the last picture, one of the right hand side frames contains a scrolling TV broadcast message. If the editor of these pictures remained constant on all of his work then this should be true of all of them.

  • Top 10 Most Anticipated Anime of Autumn 2011:
    The reason Zero no Tsukaima isn’t on this list is because it doesn’t air Autumn of 2011, which is what this list is about.

  • “My Trip On a Chinese Train”:
    To Anon 06:29. If Southern USA was officially controlled by say Canada for 50 years and was actually occupied by them for a majority of 150 years only to be returned to America in the last 15 years to be run as a near autonomous state for the next 50 years and its denizens are considered American then yeah you can consider Hong Kong to be part of China. Roundabout way to say that citizens of Hong Kong can’t entirely be considered citizens of China. Heck Hong Kong citizens even have their own …


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