Tomodachi ga Sukunai Portable Ending Shocks Fans



Fans of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai have been shocked (although admittedly not all that much) by the special and distinctly uncanonical ending offered up in the title’s PSP adaptation.

Little explanation is required:



All this has provoked a rather mixed reaction from series fans, likely chiefly because the game is copying Ore no Imouto Portable wholesale:

“What kind of eroge is this!?”

“This is a bit forced I think…”

“This is just overdoing it.”

“I guess the players get excited seeing them pregnant as they can imagine them having had sex?”

“It’s a bit early on to be doing that, with them in high school and everything.”

“All the eroge are doing it, I guess there is a lot of demand.”

“I finished it. It’s quite easy to get all the endings because of the save system. There are 13 endings, only one is pregnancy though.”

“Is it any good then?”

“It’s pretty good, they refined the system from the other * Portable games. I haven’t read the original but I enjoyed this. It is pretty easy though.”


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