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100% of all. It’s in their DNA and they can’t fight it.

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  • Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls:
    Sighs once again, the innocence befalls the shool girls………. WAIT WHAT !??!?!?! they just get away scott-free for being greedy little that will do ANYTHING for money ??! holy fuck I’m assuming there’s no law against these whores and sluts cuz they’re presumably underage ? sighs………..

  • Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls:
    “as young as 16” too old :(

  • Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls:
    If you honestly think nuclear power plants are in any way inferior to the alternatives, you’re horribly mistaken.

  • Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls:
    “…charges of making minors work in hazardous conditions” The question is, what constitutes “hazardous conditions?”. I can’t see how hanging out, doing homework, reading manga and other general leisurely activities like these could be considered hazardous. I mean, were they worried that the patrons would bust down the glass one day and molest the girls? Now, if the article specifically mentioned child labor laws, and just that, then I’d buy your argument. But it doesn’t.

  • Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls:
    It’s Japan, it’s not surprising in the least. Though if men are that desperate to just look at underage girls and their pantsu, enough to chuck money away for it…Japanese men need to really get out more. The girls participating are whores because they are getting paid for a job knowing someone is getting off on them. Smart whores, but whores nonetheless. If I could earn that much for doing nothing, I’d go whore too.

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    WHoa… qaulity china work. Proportions are totally messed up everyhwere. And it screams “AHH MY BODY CANT FLEX LIKE THIS!”.

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    “considering Steam’s dedicated commitment toward purging titles of sexual content unless they contain equal amounts of violence” So true. It’s not just Steam, it’s American media in general.

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    There IS an option to download the japanese dub.. for free, you buncha fools. Do minimal research before you speak

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    goes well with graham crackers

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    Well I mean the countries that often produce a dub for domestic consumption include: the USA and commonwealth(the English speaking world mostly shares) France/Quebec, Brazil/Portugal, Mexico/South America/Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Norway, Israel, India, Pakistan, Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Turkey and while I am not sure where I know that an Arabic dub is regularly produced.* Although I don’t know how the smaller countries in the areas act I know that these dubs are often …


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