Comment on Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls by Anonymous:

although 9 bucks an hour isn’t much. It’s free money, since they’re essentially sitting there doing leisure activities they could be doing at home for 9 bucks an hour. Wonder if some just sat there and did their homework in various stages of undress.

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  • Pandra Total Tentacle Ero-Anime:
    Tentacles and monster rape are expected in cliche Fantasy Hentai. I’m not seeing anything I don’t expect except horrible anatomy. And between my trips to the club and my vast amounts of 3d Porn I have never in my life seen breasts like that.

  • JD Snapper Busted: “Photographing Women = Illegal”:
    How very Christian of you. I’m sure Jesus would be so happy about how caring good-willed you are to your fellow man.

  • Comiket 86 Cosplay Shows No Sign Of Cooling Off:
    7 kiritos and 1 Asuna. If theres a Orgy Asuna is gonna have a Hard Time.

  • JD Snapper Busted: “Photographing Women = Illegal”:
    Let’s all be American and go over and do it, all of it, and just watch them all react fakely for fun.

  • JD Snapper Busted: “Photographing Women = Illegal”:
    You have to admit the urges and face them. That’s what happened when I analyzed them. Deny them and pretend it’s not you, it consumes you. Admit that it’s what you like and simply ask ‘why’ and you realize you’re like just about every other guy out there who has a sexual fetish built up from an event when they were a child that snowballed into whatever it is now. Keep pretending it’s wrong or not you, and it’ll become you whether you like it or not. Accept it and look for an outlet to let it be …


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