Comment on Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls by Anonymous:

“There is NOTHING illegal about this!”

Trouble reading the actual story?

I’ll quote for you

“arresting staff for violating labour laws”

If you’re trying to infer they were busted for prostitution, the story said nothing about it.

Most likely, the place was busted for things like age and parents consent.

iirc, you’re free to work at 18 without consent in Japan. But, 15 to 17 can work, with a parents consent. do you honestly think these girls got permission? If so, thats some shitty parenting.

You want to argue about this place getting targetted by police while other places get passed over, knock yourself out.

But, if you’re trying to claim this place is unfairly targetted, since it’s all above board and legal, I’ll have to not take you very seriously

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  • Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls:
    Honestly tough to say, there will likely be ramifications to the kids when they are in protective custody. There will be hell to pay with their families likely, but what can you honestly do? The laws are slated against the viewer not particularly the subject to viewing. Though they should definitely go to some fucking counseling or something.

  • Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls:
    You honestly believe that they wouldn’t break up a pedophilic peep show establishment anywhere but the fucking middle east?

  • Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls:
    I dunna, pedophilia is kind of looked down on in the world… Except here obviously, on Sankaku.

  • Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls:
    Fact older men are masturbating to a younger girl and all that separates them is a one way mirror which apparently can be removed without much struggle… That could easily lead to a pretty fucking tragic incident. Good, these clubs sound weird as fuck and I can assure you they likely were allowing customers to pay to see A LOT more than just “Pantsu.” Seriously you guys must all be pedo’s if you have an issue with this place being taken outa business.

  • Cops Raid 4 “Schoolgirl Observation Clubs” & Net 32 Girls:
    Sighs once again, the innocence befalls the shool girls………. WAIT WHAT !??!?!?! they just get away scott-free for being greedy little that will do ANYTHING for money ??! holy fuck I’m assuming there’s no law against these whores and sluts cuz they’re presumably underage ? sighs………..

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