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I doubt it.

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  • Dragon Ball Super “Evil Goku Emerges!”:
    You’d think Trunks would’ve remembered seeing his future self when he was baby during the Android saga.

  • Dragon Ball Super Explores New Territory:
    The Supreme Kai and Kabito split. Didn’t expect that to happen.

  • Dragon Ball Super Finally Gets On With It:
    Seeing Goku get punched by Bulma sure is funny and Chi-Chi reacting to the way Gohan and Hercule played with Baby Pan is hilarious.

  • Cross Ange Finale Bares All:
    It was all a big misunderstanding. The DRAGONS wanted to save Aura from Embryo. But the people of the Mana world sent Normas to kill them.

  • Hyrule “Harem” Warriors:
    I’m beginning to suspect that Cia might not be the main villain in this game. More likely, she’s being controlled by the true main villain by using her feelings for Link to his/her advantage to gain enough power to rule all of Hyrule. I only hope Link and Zelda realize this and try to free her from his/her control.


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