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You mean you want him to be with you ?

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  • Mother-Baby Killer Necrophile Rapist Gets Death Sentence:
    And scum like you. Why? Because I say so…

  • Mother-Baby Killer Necrophile Rapist Gets Death Sentence:
    Sentencing someone to death for something he did when he was 18 (which can in many countries still be seen as a minor) is barbaric. Well, the death sentence itself is barbaric and anything but justice. It’s only cheap vengeance for primitive people and most certainly no deterrent for others. Especially for mentally deranged people like the kid who did this. In fact a criminal is more likely to use extrem force and leave no survivors because otherwise he’d get the death penalty so he has nothing …

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  • Houkago no Pleiades Anime Announced:
    It probably has such a small dick that it cannot seriously be called a guy. :-)

  • Houkago no Pleiades Anime Announced:
    It looks like generic moe crap that has no real story or content and is probably not funny either so why bother? I noticed the only guys watching crap like this are the ones who get picked on and beaten up alot. They are afraid of other guys because they can’t measure up and escape to this kind of rubbish. Enjoy it as life has nothing else for you. :-)

  • Houkago no Pleiades Anime Announced:
    How low must someone be if they are threatened by a dude in an anime? I would almost pity you, if you weren’t such a smelly little stain on humanity… :-) As for the anime: looks like generic crap.

  • Yakata: Kannou Kitan Obsessed Oppai Ero-Anime:
    It would be better not to show the funny bits than to censor them with a super-bonerkilling mosaic. These mosaic are a worse turn off than those fat and ugly feminists…. well, almost…

  • Madan no Ou to Vanadis Abundant Oppai Anime:
    It’s actually a quite decent anime. I especially found that blue haired chicks character very intersting. Not just a whiny Tsundere but she actually seems to have depth to her. The boobs are way overdone but I don’t really care. It’s still interesting and fun to watch.


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