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They’re not evolving, and that’s why this show sucks. I get Evangelion vibes watching this. NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AT ALL, at least none in the good direction. It seems they’re just getting even more pathetic as they were to the beginning.
There was this moment that sparkled a little hope in me, when Shu stood up to protect Ayase. He was cool for a moment. But then…
Shu has no personality. That’s why he changes personality every 2 episodes. Pathetic guy -> pathetic guy who tries hard -> pathetic guy who only nags around -> courageous guy (when he was a kid) -> good guy -> pathetic idiot -> tyrant -> pathetic ursurper -> pathetic dead guy
Only Shinji Ikari is worse.

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  • Guilty Crown “Anti-Japanese”:
    fail comeback :3

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    I lol’d when I read; “on the basis that anything Russia can get troops onto belongs to it.” and then “with the US and EU generally supporting Japan’s position” EU is one thing but it never ceases to make me chuckle when I hear US supporting some other country against another country’s military being stationed somewhere in said county. It’s like the US has never heard of a mirror.

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    The West to Japan contrasts are pretty amusing when you look at it. Japanese = Self-Attributed Denialists e.g. denies any wrong they’ve ever committed West = Open Loud Fallacies e.g. deems everyone else is wrong

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    Ron Paul said USA is slowly slipping into a Fascist system. I’d say USA has long surpassed the slipping phase and is deep in it. Japan choosing wrong sides again. Some countries never learn…

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