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Dat arm decapitation!

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  • Boukoku no Akito BD A Maelstrom of Mecha:
    They showed a significant part of one of them as an advertisement or something, back when it came out in theaters; I assume it was this one, because I recognize only half these images as well.

  • Kizumonogatari 3-Part Trilogy Announced:
    I preferred the initial trailer, which doubled as a coke advertisement, with that great foaming soda sfx as araragi’s head popped off. Now that was a truly enjoyable trailer.

  • Dragon Ball Z Cup Noodle CM “Most Ridiculous Yet”:
    Why is he transforming to fight cabbage?… Even piccolo could blow up the moon before super saiyan even was announced, so even if the cabbage was the size of the moon, it still wouldn’t be as hard as rock.

  • Kishimoto on Naruto Ending: “I’ll Create More Manga!”:
    You mean to tell me it isn’t about wizards?

  • Tokyo Olympics “Brought To You By AKB48…”:
    If the Olympians would at least do tasks that could benefit the world; people treat these people as heroes, yet they just goof off and get paid to do so. If they replaced races, with fastest mail deliver, made the High Jumpers use it to scale cliffs in pursuit of wild animals, etc, then sure, these people would be benefiting humanity in some form or another even if its a menial task. But just to goof off and get celebrated for doing so? Nope.


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