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Dat arm decapitation!

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  • Obama to Japan: “I Will Not Apologize For Hiroshima!”:
    Seeing all the retards in the comments talking about how they support the SLAUGHTER OF TOWNS FULL OF CIVILIANS, decimating the land for generations, because IN A TIME OF WAR, the japanese attacked a MILITARY STRONGHOLD. It honestly makes me wish more events like 9/11 would happen to the US, since they don’t seem to care about the lives of civilians. After all, they cheer and televise when they go out and murder people, because “MERICA”…

  • Inupathy Collar “Will Read Your Dog’s Mind!”:
    As someone who watched the video, yes. That’s exactly what they claim their product does. I don’t get whose gonna buy these though; the people who would want them, are probably the people who would of jumped on it if it was advertised as a heart monitor from the start (health nuts and such).

  • Yandere Simulator Fingering Schoolgirls:
    You must be new here. Sankaku is more about troll titles, than direct click-bait; making innocent topics as sexual as possible. I’m just amazed that that new cat article isn’t talking about pussy as usual.

  • Madoka Lawson Easter Goods Sickeningly Sweet:
    Edible heads?

  • Top 9 Anime of 2015, According to IGN:
    You mean, they might have slept with the creator, and know exactly what the creator wants them to say.


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